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Investing in Existing Multifamily Properties in the Montrose Neighborhood of Houston Texas

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Montrose Multifamily Holdings, LLC
506(c) Offering Platform


Montrose Multifamily Holdings, LLC (“MMH” or the “Company”), a Texas limited liability company, was recently formed as a holding company for equity ownership interests (the “Interests”) previously held by and wholly assigned by Christopher Bran to the Company, a natural person, in eighteen (18) existing multifamily properties (individually, a “Property” and collectively the “Properties”) in or near the Montrose neighborhood of Houston, Harris County, Texas. Bran Management Holdings, LLC, a Texas Limited Liability Company (the “Manager”), will serve as the Manager of the Company and will manage the daily affairs of the Company. The Company anticipates a target investment hold period of 3 to 5 years.

These Interests are subordinate to first-lien mortgage financing ranging in the 60-75% leverage. The Company maintains its Interests in the Properties and associated special purpose entities per varying ownership structures.

This Investment Summary is intended to provide selected information regarding the Company and should be read in conjunction with, and is qualified in its entirety by, the detailed information appearing elsewhere in this Memorandum. You are urged to read this entire Memorandum and related documents, including, but not limited to, the Company’s Limited Liability Company Agreement being provided to prospective investors concurrently with this Memorandum (the “LLC Agreement”), before investing in the Company.

Montrose in Houston, Texas was named to the American Planning Association's Great Places In America: Neighborhoods in 2009.


Montrose Multifamily Holdings, LLC
506(c) Offering Platform

summary of operations

The Company’s objective is to generate risk adjusted returns through its diversified portfolio (the “Portfolio”) consisting of its investment in existing multifamily properties. The Portfolio includes eighteen (18) multi-family properties consisting of 320 units with a total to-date appraised Portfolio value of approximately $78,950,000. Moreover, the Company holds its investments (collectively, the “Investments” and the “Interests”) in the Properties through its wholly owned subsidiaries; (i) CBMJ Investments & Development, LLC, a Texas limited liability company; (ii) Bran Enterprises, LLC, a Texas limited liability company; (iii) Bran Enterprises II, LLC, a Texas limited liability company; (iv) and Bran Enterprises III, LLC, a Texas limited liability company, the “Special Purpose Entities.”

The chart on the following page provides an illustration of the ownership structure related to the Investments and the Company:

  • CBMJ Investments & Development, LLC (the “Special Purpose Entity”)
    • 400 Westmore Land Street, Houston, Texas 77006 (Owner: Westmoreland Partners, LLC)
    • 1423 Kipling Street, Houston, Texas 77006 (Owner: Kipling Partners, LLC)
    • 2008 Colquitt Houston, Texas, Houston, Texas 77098 (Owner: 2008 Colquitt, LP)
    • 1717 Norfolk, Houston, Texas 77006 (Owner: Norfolk Partners, LLC)
  • Bran Enterprises, LLC (the “Special Purpose Entity”)
    • 3412 Graustark, Houston, Texas 77006 (Owner: Graustark Member II, LLC)
    • 3414 Graustark, Houston, Texas 77006 (Owner: Graustark Member II, LLC)
    • 524 Heights, Houston, Texas 77007 (Owner: 524 Heights Members, LLC)
    • 4321 Mt Vernon, Houston, Texas 77006 (Owner: Mt Vernon Members, LLC)
    • 2043 Sul Ross, Houston, Texas 77098 (Owner: Sul Ross Members, LLC)
    • 2300 Stanford, Houston, Texas 77006 (Owner: 2300 Stanford Members, LLC)
    • 239 Emerson Street, Houston, Texas 77006 (Owner: Montrose Multifamily Members, LLC)
    • 2301 Commonwealth St., Houston, Texas 77006 (Owner: Montrose Multifamily Members, LLC)
    • 417 W. St., Houston, Texas 77019 (Owner: Montrose Multifamily Members, LLC)
  • Bran Enterprise II, LLC (the “Special Purpose Entity”)
    • 606 Harold St., Houston, Texas 77006 (Owner: Montrose Multifamily Members II, LLC)
    • 2212 Dunleavy St., Houston, Texas 77006 (Owner: Montrose Multifamily Members II, LLC)
    • 1507 California, Houston, Texas 77006 (Owner: Montrose Multifamily Members II, LLC)
    • 306 Stratford St., Houston, Texas 77006 (Owner: Montrose Multifamily Members II, LLC)
  • Bran Enterprise III, LLC (the “Special Purpose Entity”)
    • 219 Marshall, Houston, Texas 77006 (Owner: 219 Marshall Members, LLC)

"More money has been made in real estate than in all industrial investments combined."

— Andrew Carnegie —


Montrose Multifamily Holdings, LLC
506(c) Offering Platform

Company Management Team

The Company is currently managed by seasoned business and sector professionals dedicated to the success of the Company and efficient execution of its planned operations.

Bran Management Holdings, LLC

Montrose Multifamily Holdings, LLC has selected Bran Management Holdings, LLC (the “Manager”) to serve as the Company’s Manager. The Manager will be directly responsible for all decisions regarding daily business and affairs of the Company, investments into Properties, engagement of property managers, leasing, disposition, as well as decisions regarding distributions and investor relations.

Jeff Wiler

Chris Bran

Christopher Bran (Sole Member and Principal of the Manager) has over 10 years of experience in commercial and residential real estate with a strong background in project management, construction, development and acquisitions. He has been directly involved in construction and development of over 100 projects throughout the United States and internationally and over 500 apartment units throughout the United States. Mr. Bran’s construction background includes retail, office, multifamily, industrial and hospitality projects and prestigious clients such as Shell Oil, Hines Interests, Bed Bath and Beyond, Toys R Us and hosts of others. Mr. Bran is responsible for the overall direction of investments including the vision and strategic planning for projects focused on acquisition and rehabilitation of multiple asset types. Mr. Bran is director of Montrose CBMJ redevelopment platform formed in 2015 with focus on 1950-1970s vintage multifamily properties and redesign into unique boutique high end properties.

Mr. Bran attended university of Houston, Bauer College of Business. He is an active member of Montrose District, and Houston Apartment Association


Montrose Multifamily Holdings, LLC
506(c) Offering Platform

Property and Asset Management

Each Property will have daily oversight by UrbanOne Properties (“UrbanOne”). UrbanOne will be responsible for tenant relationships, daily maintenance of each Property, Property operating budgets, tenant charges reconciliation, and net income statements. The Manager regularly communicates with UrbanOne including weekly organized conference calls, as well as day to day discussions as warranted. UrbanOne may also engage third party leasing brokers for each Property who lease vacant spaces at the Properties.

UrbanOne was founded in 2016 and it works alongside Bran Enterprises and CBMJ Investments & Development, LLC in order to manage multifamily properties that have been recently purchased and completely renovated. Once CBMJ and affiliates thereof has finished a complete overhaul of the entire property, UrbanOne takes over to manage the modernized, boutique units. UrbanOne also manages all properties and residents during the renovation process.

UrbanOne operates each property to create a consistent experience of quality, value, and satisfaction for its residents. Its consistent and personal resident focus assures maximum achievable rents for all properties, thus creating maximum achievable values and returns. UrbanOne’s management is as follows:

Christopher Bran


Christopher is the founder and president of CBMJ Investments & Development, LLC and UrbanOne Properties LLC. He started CBMJ Investments & Development LLC in 2008 and has developed and constructed over 150 projects across the united states. He founded UrbanOne Properties LLC in October 2016 upon seeing the need to both develop and manage in house all multifamily projects to be more effective at leasing and management. He is the sole sponsor of the 320-unit property acquisitions and renovations. Christopher attended the university of Houston-Bauer college of business and studied business management.

Kyle Webb

Director of Property Management and Leasing

Kyle was hired by CBMJ Investments & Development in October of 2016 to build and brand UrbanOne Properties. He graduated from Texas A&M University and Mays Business School with a degree in Marketing. He has 10 plus years’ experience in residential real estate and recently managed marketing and leasing for one of the most prestigious high-rise buildings in Downtown Houston. Kyle manages the day to day operations of UrbanOne Properties including leasing, marketing and maintenance.

Zack Emerson

Leasing Assistant

Zach joined the UrbanOne Properties Team in September of 2017. He brings multiple years’ experience in leasing and concierge services. Prior to UrbanOne Properties, Zach worked for a property management company as a concierge and leasing specialist. Zach also plays a huge role in managing leasing traffic and showings.

Quentin Brown

Maintenance Technician

Quentin joined the UrbanOne Properties team in July of 2017. As UrbanOne acquired more properties, it hired two additional technicians in January 2018. All three team members bring years of experience in apartment maintenance as well as a certification and licenses in the HVAC and Electrical fields. Quentin manages the day to day property maintenance of all properties. Armando and Robert manage the resident maintenance requests.

Silvia Celeste Martinez

Project Designer

Silvia is the Project Designer for CBMJ Investments & Development, LLC. A recent graduate from the University of Houston, her specialization in renovations and interior design comes from obtaining a Bachelor of Science in Interior Architecture. Although fairly new to the team, she has worked on over 15 of the company’s properties overseeing the full range from exterior to interior design (facade, landscaping, furniture and interior selections).

Emanuel Salazar

Construction Superintendent

Emanuel graduated from Texas A&M University with a Bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering and a Master’s Degree with specialization in Structures. Emanuel got on board, soon after graduation, at the beginning of 2018. He was able to get up to speed quickly, understanding the entire scope of work for multi-family apartment complex remodeling. He oversees the day-to-day operations on the construction site, coordinates with subcontractors, and enforces quality control that meets City of Houston requirements.

Guillermo Tovar

Project Manager

Guillermo joined CBMJ team in August 2017, filling out the position of Construction Project Manager. Guillermo graduated from the Autonomous University of Nuevo Leon with a Bachelor’s degree in Architecture. With his scholar background, along with ten plus years working in residential, commercial and underground construction, Guillermo has been an excellent asset to the company. He has showed his abilities not only for management but also problem-solving any issues in the technical department.

Nick Bezuijen

Chief Analyst

Nick joined the CBMJ team in 2015. Nick was born in the Netherlands, moving to the United States in 2012 and is currently attending the University of Houston studying business management. With his technical and analytical expertise Nick focuses on the primary company operating budgeting, oversees financial reporting and works with the President to direct resources for ongoing projects.

"Never depend on a single income. Make investments to create a second source."

- Warren Buffett -


Montrose Multifamily Holdings, LLC
506(c) Offering Platform

terms of the offering


Minimum Subscription: $33,333.33 (1 Units)

Montrose Multifamily Holdings, LLC (the “Company” or “MMH”), a Texas Company, is offering a maximum of 120 Class A Preferred Membership Units for $33,333.33 per Unit.


Please complete the contact form and we will get back to you about any questions you have about our offering.

Montrose Multifamily Holdings, LLC

4203 Montrose Blvd suite 400

Houston, TX 77006

(281) 825-5999

Montrose Multifamily Holdings, LLC
506(c) Offering Platform

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